NB Miata HVAC in my NA

I've almost completed installation of an NB HVAC control panel in my STO. So far, the project has entailed replacing my stock headunit (1 DIN) and single CD player (1 DIN) with a later single DIN AM/FM CD player. This is installed in the bottom slot. Directly above the HU is the NB HVAC panel, with full functionality, eg. fan and AC are operational as are the fresh air/recirc knob, temperature knob, and air direction knob.

The panel I have is a later panel with the microswitch to turn on the AC compressor for defrost mode and I think this will work but I still need the NB A/C switch pigtail to integrate this.

In place of the stock HVAC panel, I fabricated a panel to hold three 2 1/16" diameter VDO gauges. I happened to have these gauges sitting around from an old car so I may not stay with these particular three but I wanted something to show. They are currently not connected electrically...all show for now.

Before I get to the pictures, I wanted to point out that the car's wiring harness is 100% stock and uncut. These mods are completely reversible. I constructed an intermediary wire harness that converts the NA wiring plugs to the NB HVAC. Once I get the final NB AC pigtail and integrate it, I'll post a wiring diagram for those of you that want to try this mod.

To start with, here's what the dash looked like when I got the car a few months ago:

And this is what it looks like as of 8/26/2007:
Also shown is an NB steering wheel and airbag.

February 28, 2009
I had some time today so I installed a VDO clock into the center position and moved the voltmeter to the right. Both are now operational too!